External Accounts Sandbox Experience

Simulating External Account Statuses In Sandbox

In the sandbox, all external accounts you create will have a status of "created" in the POST response and will then move to a status of "verified".

Note: If you are using your own account verification provider (BYO-AVS), all external accounts you create will not return a "created" state. Instead, all of the external accounts you create will automatically have a "verified" status returned in the synchronous response.

To simulate non-verified statuses, pass the status you want to simulate in the account_holder_name field along with all other required fields. You will receive a webhook when the account's status updates from "created" to the simulated status.

account_holder_nameResults in status
"rejected account""rejected"
"restricted account""restricted"
"closed account""closed"



Configure webhooks to receive the expected status update events.