Notification of Change (NOC)

What is a Notification of Change?

A Notification of Change (NOC) is an alert used to notify the sender of an ACH payment to update details related to a customer’s bank account that have changed or are incorrect. NOCs are created by the Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI) and sent to the Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI). NOCs help ensure that future transactions are processed accurately without any disruptions.

Orum's NOC Process

Orum automates the NOC process so you receive them directly via webhook. We relay the following information to you via the transfer response body:

  • The Nacha correction code
  • Detail of what needs to be changed
  • Detail of what the new value needs to be

When a NOC is received, the transfer_updated webhook event is sent.

Note: There is be no change in transfer status, as a NOC can exist on a transfer of any status and will not trigger the transfer to fail.


In the event that a NOC occurs, the transfer response body will look like this:

   "destination": {
          "reason_code": "notification of change",
          "reason_code_message": "Incorrect Account Number",
          "network_reason_code": "CO1",
          "network_reason_code_message": "Updated Info: 123456790",
          "network_reason_code_rail_type": "ach"

The Automated NOC will be conveyed via the existing parameters and corresponding details:

network_reason_codeNacha Correction Code (e.g. C01)
reason_code_messageNOC Reason Text that Orum gets from the processor (e.g. Incorrect account number)
network_reason_code_messageCorrection info that Orum gets from the processor (e.g. 123456789

If a NOC occurs on a transfer that has also incurred a return, Orum will notify you of both events. In this case, a separate transfer_updated webhook will be sent for each event, but the events will always look like this:

"destination": {  
          "reason_code": "string",  
          "reason_code_message": "string",  
          "network_reason_code": "string",  
          "network_reason_code_message": "string",  
          "network_reason_code_rail_type": "string"

Common NOC Reponses

C01notification_of_changeIncorrect bank account numberCorrect customer informationBank account number incorrect or formatted incorrectly
C02notification_of_changeIncorrect routing numberCorrect customer informationOnce valid transit/routing number must be changed
C03notification_of_changeIncorrect transit/routing number and bank account numberCorrect customer informationOnce valid transit/routing number must be changed and causes a change to bank account number structure
C04notification_of_changeBank account name changeCorrect customer informationCustomer has changed name or ODFI submitted name incorrectly
C05notification_of_changeIncorrect payment codeCorrect customer informationEntry posted to demand account should contain savings payment codes or vice versa
C06notification_of_changeIncorrect bank account number and transit codeCorrect customer informationBank account number must be changed and payment code should indicate posting to another account type (demand/savings)
C07notification_of_changeIncorrect transit/routing number, bank account number and payment codeCorrect customer informationChanges required in three fields indicated

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