Verify Reason Codes

Status Reasons

Possible status reason codes for failed, invalid, and closed accounts.

Status ReasonDescription
blocked_accountAn account in the transfer request was blocked or prohibits posting of transfers against it
closed_accountAccount number specified has been closed on the bank of account's books
deceased_partyOne of the parties in the transfer request was deceased
duplicated_transferDuplicate of a previous transfer request
invalid_accountThe account number provided is invalid or does not exist
invalid_fieldThere was erroneous, invalid, or missing data in the transfer request
invalid_routingThe routing number provided is invalid or does not exist
regulatory_errorThe transfer could not be completed because of limitations imposed by a regulator
unauthorized_transferA party in the transfer request was either unknown or did not authorize this request
unavailable_financial_institutionSending or receiving financial institution is currently not available or does not support this request type
unexpected_errorThere was an unexpected error with this transfer request
unsupported_transferTransfer type is not supported or forbidden