Person Statuses

Person statuses

In the Deliver API, a person can have one of the following statuses, indicated by the status field.

  • Created: A person was created to represent an individual or a person’s record was updated in a way that requires identity re-verification. A person in the created state can only send or receive funds with Pay by Bank and Disbursements use cases.
  • Verified: A person passed identity verification. The person can send or receive funds with all transfer use cases.
  • Rejected: A person did not pass identity verification. The person cannot send or receive funds.
  • Restricted: A person matched a sanctions list during watchlist screening. The person cannot send or receive funds.
  • Closed: A person has been soft-deleted in Orum’s platform (this action can only be completed by the Orum team). The person cannot send or receive funds.

The diagram below shows how a person can move through the above statuses. Note that a person can move from "verified" to "restricted" if they match a sanctions list anytime after their initial customer identification. To learn more about why a person is in the "rejected" or "restricted" state, refer to the status_reason field in the API response.

If a person fails customer identification and is set to the rejected status, Orum will automatically kick off a manual review and attempt to retry the customer identification workflow to resolve the issue.

Person status diagram