What is Orum?

The simplest API for fast, reliable payments

What is Deliver?

Deliver payments 24/7 with our unique ‘Direct to Fed’ money movement solution.

Optimize payments across all major rails
Our solution provides access to RTP, FedNow, Same Day ACH, ACH, and Wires – orchestrating payments to be fast and efficient.

Expanded processing windows
We leverage more processing windows to ensure payment speed and certainty.

Bank-rate pricing
We teamed up with The Federal Reserve Bank to build an extraordinary direct connection to The Fed – allowing us to bring customers speed and pricing advantages via our new Deliver API.

Easy set-up
Our customers go live in 2 weeks or less. We handle all the complexity — helping you save the 2 years and $2 million it typically costs for a direct bank integration.

What is Verify?

Verify bank accounts instantly with our innovative — and patented — technology.

Immediately verify accounts
Our new technology is built on FedNow and RTP. We validate Account Status within 15 seconds, determining whether an account is open, valid, and ready to receive payments. Plus, we quickly validate Account Control via a modern two-factor authentication

100% coverage of all bank accounts across the U.S.
Payments are only as safe as the verification of the recipient's account. Verify solves this without any gaps.

Eliminate customer friction
Now you save time and money by no longer requiring customers to wait days to find and input antiquated, slow microdeposits.

Real-time data
We instantly verify Account Status and Account Control with the most up-to-date data.


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