Sandbox Environment



The Orum Portal

To access the Orum Portal, please contact customer success or your implementation manager.

After accessing the Orum Portal, you will automatically have sandbox access, allowing you to create a sandbox API key. The API reference in this documentation is written so that you can easily test in sandbox. All API endpoints are documented with the sandbox domain and you will pass your sandbox API key to make requests.

Differences Between Sandbox and Production

Sandbox provides you with the ability to mimic production behavior. In addition, the API requests and response bodies will remain the same across sandbox and production. However, there are a few differences between the sandbox and production environments:

  • The domain name for endpoint URLs is in sandbox and in production
  • Requests to sandbox domain APIs do not trigger actual money movement, KYC/KYB verification, or account verification
  • Sandbox transfer requests will complete the transfer instantly, regardless of the speed parameter passed in the API request
    • You will need to fund your Sandbox account and track your balance ledger as you make requests
  • Sandbox requests should not include real personally identifiable information (PII) or financial information
  • Sandbox testing does not require adding funds to your enterprise's Deliver ledger balance
  • Upon moving to production, the first step you need to take is to create an external account associated with your enterprise β€” this process will be the same as it was when you created an external account in sandbox, however in production, you will use the account and routing number that you have sent to Orum to pre-fund the FBO

What’s Next

Create a sandbox account for your enterprise to begin testing transfers