Transfer Groups Now Available

Transfer Groups are now available! We have recently added Transfer Group APIs to allow for grouping together any set of transfers that may be associated with the same flow.


Wire Transfers Now Available

A new credit rail has been added to the Momentum API - wire transfers. This means that along with FedNow, RTP, Same Day ACH, and ACH, you can wire transfers from the Orum FBO to external accounts. To do this, you will initiate an API request with speed "wire", and funds will arrive quickly and securely.


New and Improved Transfers Table

We've updated the transfers table in the transfers page to allow users to select additional columns and drag-and-drop to re-order! The table is also now paginated to allow for easier scrolling and searching.


New CSV Export for Transfers

You can now export transfer data directly from the Transfers page in the Orum Portal! This data includes transfer status, source/destination name, amount, payment method, and failure codes, giving you the exact details you need to build custom reports! Read the full post on our blog.


New query parameters in GET all endpoints

Querying for a specific person, business, account, or transfer just got easier.


New: Instant Rail Eligibility Endpoint

Now you can check whether your end users are eligible to receive RTP transfers!


Introducing the Balance API

Now you can check your Orum balance in real-time to keep your transfers running smoothly.


Introducing new Transfers use cases

Announcing new features for v2022-09-21 of Momentum!


New: Optional Fields for Personalized Bank Statements

Orum is adding two optional fields to the Momentum API!


Support for Metadata

The Momentum API now supports passing metadata on API requests!