Transfers Sandbox Experience

Simulating Transfer Statuses In Sandbox



Be sure to test transfers with verified customers (persons or businesses) and external accounts.

While in the Sandbox Environment, you can simulate some of the potential transfer failures that may occur in Production. For ACH transfers the transfer will initially transition to a "complete" status before transitioning to a "failed" status. For a complete list of status reasons, as well as a status workflow diagram, refer to Transfers

To simulate a transfer failure caused by a specific payment rail reason in either the source or destination account, you can pass an amount that ends in one of the examples provided in the table below. It is important to note that only the cents in the amount will impact the outcome, not the dollars. For instance, an amount of "101" would produce the same result as "10001".

Example amountResults in statusPayment RailTransfer failure reason
"100""completed"ACH, RTPN/A
"101""failed"ACHInsufficient funds in the source account
"102""failed"ACHClosed destination account
"103""failed"ACHInsufficient funds in the source account and a closed destination account
"126""failed"ACHACH rejection on the source account
"127""failed"ACHACH rejection on the destination account
"151""failed"RTPRTP rejection

Please note:

  • For direct debits and credits (payouts), transfers will cycle directly from "pending" to the status requested from the table above within ~5 minutes
  • For Deposits, Account-to-Account, Pay-by-Bank, or Disbursements, transfers will mimic the settlement timeframe that your enterprise is configured for in production (e.g. 2 days)



Configure webhooks in order to receive the expected status update events.

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