Wire Transfers Now Available

A new credit rail has been added to the Momentum API - wire transfers. This means that along with FedNow, RTP, Same Day ACH, and ACH, you can wire transfers from the Orum FBO to external accounts. To do this, you will initiate an API request with speed "wire", and funds will arrive quickly and securely.

Unlike our other speed options for which Orum orchestrates fallback routing, if you choose “wire” in the speed parameter we will not reroute the transfer to another rail if an error occurs.

To note, the "wire" option in the Momentum API can only be used to facilitate outbound payments. It cannot be used to facilitate debits into the Orum FBO or Account-to-Account transfers.

If you’d like to incorporate wires in your production flows, reach out to any Orum team member and we’ll get you set up.