Introducing new Transfers use cases

Announcing new features for v2022-09-21 of Momentum!

New Transfer use cases

We are excited to announce the addition of three new payment options to our platform! This update will make it easier for businesses and individuals to transact and receive payments securely and efficiently.

  • Pay by Bank Transfers

    Momentum now supports Pay by Bank transfers, which allows consumers on your platform to pay businesses for goods or services using their bank account. This option can be used as an alternative to credit or debit card payments and is preferred by some persons and businesses because it allows them to transact without incurring additional fees or charges. Learn more.

  • Disbursements

    We have also added the option of Disbursements, which allows businesses to send funds directly to a person using only their first name, last name, and bank account information. This feature can be used for insurance claims, legal settlements, and rewards programs. Learn More.

  • B2B payments

    B2B payments offer a convenient way to enable businesses to collect payments from or send payments to other businesses for goods or services. This feature allows businesses to transact with one another securely and efficiently. Learn more.