Partial update a business by id

Update individual fields on a business object.


This endpoint allows you to make partial updates to a business's information - you only have to pass the field(s) you wish to update. This means that end-users will not have to re-enter all fields if they want to update their information.

Required fields:

  • If you update address or contact information, the type is required.

Removing fields

To remove a field from the resource, pass the field with an empty string as the value. Only the following fields can be removed from the business resource:

  • business_name
  • entity_type
  • account_holder_name
  • incorporation_date
  • address2

Updating metadata

  • If you do not pass the metadata field, the metadata will not be updated in any way
  • To update an existing metadata key’s value, pass the existing key with the new value along with any existing key-value pair(s)
  • To remove metadata, pass any key-values pair you want to maintain, and omit the ones you want to delete. To remove all metadata, pass the metadata key with an empty object
  • To add new key-value pair(s), pass any existing metadata key-value pair(s) with the new key(s) and new value(s)

Impact on KYB status

Changing the below fields will re-trigger the KYB process. You will receive a business_unverified webhook and the business's status will be set to "created" until re-verification is complete.

  • legal_name
  • tax_id
  • address1
  • city
  • state
  • country
  • zip5
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